DLS Audio XL Flatbox and Bluetooth Sub Review – Best Sounding Bluetooth Wall Speakers?

dls flatbox xl

Now accommodating speakers in your room can often be a real challenge, especially when you’re dealing with limited space, kids, a spouse or even roommates.  And sometimes, unless your speaker choice has a high WAF or “wife approval factor” then you’re just out of luck. With this in mind, DLS audio created the Flatbox speaker range which is designed to be appealing visually without compromising sound quality.

Now a quick spoiler alert here, these sound ridiculously good. But that being said, these may not be the perfect choice for everyone. So in this review, I’ll not only cover the features and sound quality but compare these to some other options as well.

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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker Review

marshall stanmore bluetooth speaker comparison

If sound quality is your top priority in a Bluetooth speaker, then this is the one to take notice of. Not only is it the clear leader in its price range, but its able to take on more expensive speakers costing several hundred dollars more and sound either almost as good or actually better in some instances.

Still, there are some valid reasons for choosing something else. So in this review, I’ll cover the features and sound quality as well as comparing it to some other options.

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Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers

DLS Flatbox Bluetooth Speakers

Welcome to my review today on some of the best Bluetooth speakers available. Now rather than focus on one particular category (such as portable Bluetooth speakers), I’m going to be talking about which speakers are the best picks among several different categories.

So whether your budget is $200 or $2,000, I’ll help you make a more informed decision about which speaker system would be best suited for you depending on your needs and what you’re looking for.

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AIWA EXOS-9 Review – Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under $300?


There are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, but not many of them sound good enough for a party, especially if you’re looking for some thumping bass. The Aiwa Exos-9 however, not only sounds impressive but has a strong battery life, a larger than average Bluetooth range and it includes a graphic equalizer (which is not commonly found on portable Bluetooth speakers). That being said, there are a few reasons it won’t be the perfect choice for everyone which I’ll discuss in this review as well.

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