Motorola VERVE Ones Plus Review – Cool Idea, But Needs Improvement

Motorola Verve Ones Plus Review

Welcome to my review today of the Motorola Verve Ones+. These are a wireless and waterproof earbud that In some areas performs quite well, but in other areas it definitely falls short.

So in this review I’ll be going through the pros and cons of these and ultimately giving you a picture of what it’s like to use these so that you can decide if they’d be right for you or not.

Currently, the Verve Ones Plus cost about $250 and the Verve Ones (which are exactly the same except for not being waterproof) cost about $200. But you can click the link below to check the current lowest price.

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So I’ll start out by showing you what’s included with the earbuds and then discuss the overall design and features.

Motorola VerveOnes AccessoriesIncluded with the earbuds are six pairs of rubbery tips, a micro USB cable, a manual and a case which is also used to charge the earbuds.


Design wise, these aren’t tiny, but they are truly wireless. The benefit of this design over other Bluetooth earbuds is that these don’t have a cable connecting them, so you get true mobility freedom. For example, with these you don’t have to worry about a cable occasionally snagging on something and yanking them from your ears.


Feature wise, the verve ones plus have an IP57 waterproof rating which means they can be immersed in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

There are 6 various EQ presets you can cycle through using the earbuds or there’s a VerveLife app you can use to do that as well.

The earbuds connect via Bluetooth and this happens fairly well, though they don’t automatically reconnect and pair as quickly and easily as other Bluetooth headphones or earphones I’ve used. The Bluetooth signal and range can be a bit spotty, but generally you’ve got a pretty solid 15 feet or so to work with. Ideally, it’s best to have your source, like your phone on the same side of your body as the left earbud (as this is the master earbud). This will help you to keep and maintain an uninterrupted signal. Either way though, I found there still seemed to be the occasional disconnect.

Latency is also a problem with these so if you’re trying to use these to watch any media like movies or TV shows then there will be a slight delay between when you see people’s lips move and then a ½ second later, actually hearing what’s being said.

Battery life is good as you get up to 12 hours and I found at least 10 hours of use wasn’t a problem.


VerveOnes+Now the biggest issue I had in using these is that the right earbud will disconnect from the left earbud for roughly a ½ second before reconnecting again. I found this could happen as much as once per song and sometimes even more frequently than that.

Also, you need to keep both earbuds in your ears for them to work. If you take one earbud out of your ear then your music will stop. So let’s say you wanted to only have one earbud in in order to be more aware of your surroundings, it wouldn’t work to do that with these.


And then comfort wise, although these are on the large size, I found them to be quite comfortable to wear. Even after a short period of time, I started to not even notice them. In fact, I found they were easily comfortable enough so that I could even fall asleep while wearing them.

Now for others with smaller sized ears, the size of these does create a problem as they’re not able to get a secure fit which leads to them either not sounding as good as they could and/or falling out.

So while it’s possible to get a great fit and wear these comfortably for hours at a time, unfortunately that won’t be the case for everyone.


Then regarding the sound quality, these do a nice job of producing a rather full and rich sound, but it will depend on getting a good fit to be able to hear these at their full potential. Otherwise the sound can come across as being a bit lackluster and not as detailed sounding.

The overall sound signature is warm with an emphasis in the lower and upper frequencies.

You can certainly hear and feel the bass, but it’s not overly emphasized to the point where it’s over the top even for genres like rap or EDM.

Vocals are reasonably clear and natural. And there’s enough energy in the highs to bring music to life.

The overall sound quality is approaching the level of quality you’d get with a good pair of $100 earbuds, but it doesn’t quite have the same level of detail or ability to produce the subtleties in your music.

But for the purposes of working out, they sound good. And of course, given their sound signature they do sound best with more contemporary genres of music.


So ultimately, the person I think these might be the best fit for is someone who’s tried or uses Bluetooth earphones but find the cable that connects them to be annoying.

Or basically for anyone who wants the freedom of wireless earbuds and for them, that freedom is worth it, even if the right earbud doesn’t stay connected very well.

For either of these situations, I think the Verve Ones could work.

But otherwise, if you’re expecting these earbuds to work as flawlessly as some of the better Bluetooth earbuds out there then you’ll probably be disappointed.

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