Pitaka Aramid iPhone Case Review – My New Favorite iPhone Case!

Pitake Aramaid Case Back

Hey guys, Lance here and today I wanted to share with you my new favorite iPhone case to use with wired headphones. Now normally, I’m not someone who gets to excited about phone cases. But this Aramid case by Pitaka is something I’ve really enjoyed using so I wanted to share a few things I love about it, especially in regards to being a great wired headphone friendly case.

Currently this case is about $40, but you can click below to check the current lowest price.

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So previously I was using this thin TPU case. And what I liked about it was that it was cheap, thin and had a bit of give to it as opposed to being completely rigid.

The downside though is that that some wired headphones can be problematic when trying to make a connection with this case. So if the reach of the plug doesn’t quite go in far enough, you end getting a muddled sound. Sometimes fiddling with it can help, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way it’s very annoying and sometimes I just had to take the case off.

This frustration led me to start looking into other cases, and eventually I decided to give this Aramid case by Pitaka a try.

Headphone Port Pitake Aramid Fiber iPhone Case ReviewAnd without a doubt, this is the best case I’ve used so far for the iPhone. The features I like most is that it’s extremely thin. It’s the thinnest case I’ve ever used which is what I like. I also love that the headphone port is completely open so that you can use any wired headphone without a problem. A lot of cases will surround the headphone port which can make it difficult to connect to some wired headphones. In some instances, I even had to remove the case, just to use a particular pair of headphones.

The aramid material is REALLY cool as well. It definitely protects your phone from scratches though the area around the buttons and the bottom of the phone are exposed so this area could be scratched. Also, because the case is so thin the camera lens protrudes beyond the case by just a bit.

And something I didn’t expect was how incredible this case feels to the touch. I asked the company about this and they said they’re currently the only ones using a specific 3D technology to print these cases which gives it this particular feel. I actually look forward to picking up and using my phone now, just to feel this case!

The only reason I think someone may not want to get this case is if they need or want a lot of shock protection. And this is a matter of preference or choice. For me personally, I prefer/want a case that’s a thin as possible to protect my phone from scratches and dings as I’m not someone who is dropping their phone all the time.

Back of Pitaka Aramid Fiber iPhone CaseBefore getting this case, I always tried to find something that was unobtrusive to using my phone. And this case definitely delivers in that regard, but beyond that it actually adds to and enhances the experience of using my phone. That’s something I never thought I’d say about an iPhone case.

Before using this case, I was a bit unsure that it would be worth the cost. After using it for a while now I can say It’s definitely worth it. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend, it’s a true pleasure to use this case. I never thought I’d say that about a case but it’s true 😀


Now as much as I love using this case, here are some reasons I could see going for something else.

First is the cost. So if you like everything else I talked about, such as how thin this is, and how easy it is to connect to any wired headphone, there there is a much cheaper alternative that’s not made of the Aramid material, yet delivers some of the same benefits as this case. The downside though is it’s not as durable as the Aramid fiber and doesn’t feel as amazing to the touch as this case by Pitaka.

Also if shock protection is something you need then this probably won’t be the case for you. Since one of it’s greatest strengths is how thin it is, it’s also it’s weakness, in that it’s not going to protect your phone as well compared to thicker and more shock resistant cases.


But otherwise, if you’d like a premium iPhone case that’s about as thin and sleek as possible, that allows you to connect to any wired headphones without a problem and that feels so amazing it will actually enhance and add to the joys of using your iPhone then this is the case to get!

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